House System

House system is an important part of every school. It aims to foster responsibility, respect for opinion of others, develops a sense of co-operation, loyalty and fraternity for all. It instils a closer rapport between students and teachers. It provides students with ample of opportunities to exhibit their talent and learn new skills. All the students at APS International are divided into four houses that are named after four elements of nature. The inter house rolling trophy is awarded to the winner house at the and of the academic session based on the cumulative score of assembly points in the house activities and display board decorations done throughout the academic year.


Air is the element that is mobile and eternally dynamic, with no arrest whatsoever. Its constant motion and speed is its unique characteristic. In the mind, the thoughts and their constant motion is well represented by air.


Earth represents the solid state of matter. It manifests stability, performance and rigidity. In the mind, earth endows resolve, power to withstand and endure.


Fire is the power to transform, burn and illumine. In the mind, fiery intelligence and fiery emotions along with passion, contribute to a fiery experience of the being. Heat, luster along with vision and visual sense, are fire dominant in nature. In the mind, fire assists passion, as well as anger.


Water characterises eternal flow and is always unstable by nature. Water flows through our being, distributing nutrition, carrying away wastes, regulating temperature by imparting a cooling effect, strengthening and moistening by distributing the immune essence, or oja throughout the body. The sense of taste and tongue are water dominant in nature. Thus the liquid, mobile, dull, unctuous, soft and slimy aspects of our being are dominated by water. In the mind, water creates feelings and emotions. Each house has house in charges to guide the students and foster a spirit of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self reliance. Various inter house activities are conducted throughout the academic session.