Students must be dressed in the school uniform whenever they are in the school premises. Students need to be in complete school uniform when;

  • They represent the school in any inter-school event if it is conducted during holidays.
  • They accompany their parents for parent-teacher meetings.
  • They came to school for any reason even if it is during their study holidays.
  • Students studying in Class X-XII need to come in school uniform even after the farewell ceremony. They need to come in school uniform to collect their hall tickets or meet the teachers to clarify doubts.
  • Students have to wear the prescribed uniform of the school especially the shoes and socks.
  • Student should wear l-card, clean and well ironed uniform and school socks along with clean shoes every day.
  • Ensure that the uniform is neat and with iron and complete.
  • No colourful hair-band, scarf, hair-clips allowed

Girl students

  • Wear only small earnings.
  • Girls who have very short hair are supposed to put navy blue hair bands. Other girls have to make two plaits everyday to school with black or white rubber bands.

Girls students are not permitted to ...

  • Have streaked hair, fancy hairstyles, Leave shoulder or long hair untied.
  • Layered haircut for girls which make them looks unkempt and no highlights or coloured hair.
  • Eye makeup, dark kajal or any other kind of make up during school hours.
  • Wear gold earrings, bangles, chains, colourful and fancy jewellery long hanging or colourful earrings
  • Adorn their hair with flower colourful clips, hair band, scarf etc.
  • Paint their nails. Apply mehandi on hair hand during school days. For any function, kindly get sanctioned form the coordinatorss or principal in writing It is compulsory or else, the child will be sent back home.

Boy students are not permitted to ...

  • Wear caps and headgear in the school.
  • Have streaked hair, Long hair, long side burns or fancy hairstyles
  • Wear bracelets/chains/friendship bands or other bands.
  • Piercing with any cultural permit but with prior application to the Co-ordinator or Principal

Homework Policy

Research has shown that when homework is regularly assigned and marked, students show higher levels of academic success. Homework contributes significantly to academic growth and achievement.

  • Homework shall be assigned as often as it is applicable or as an enhancement of the daily preparation for a completion of learning of concepts.
  • Arecord of instances where students report to school with assigned homework not completed will be maintained by the teachers and recorded in the diary. Parents are requested to check the almanac daily and sign in it to otherwise if a note has been sent by the teacher or not.
  • Parents of students who routinely do not complete home assignments will be informed to enable them to take corrective actions and the expectations of the school reiterated. Their co-operation is sought to ensure that all assigned homework is completed to the best of the student's abilities.
  • Teachers have the right to detain students for a reasonable period during the lunch break or activity period in order to complete unfinished homework assignments.INTERNATIONA